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What's It About?

The history of the HH.

From the glam of Hollywood to the rustic outdoors, Hollywood Hunter TV follows Freddy Harteis as he teaches a big city what hunting is all about; a thrilling sport that gives back.  Freddy shares his two worlds and brings together hunting reality at its best.  Tune in to see the heart of the hunt collide with the intensity of the encounters.  You won’t want to miss season 6 Hollywood Hunter.  It all starts July 2016 on Sportsman Channel (USA) and WIld TV (Canada).

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How we give back.

The Hollywood Hunter is blessed to live out his passion with the outdoors. Currently residing in Nashville, Tennesee, Freddy has created his vision beyond his TV series.  It’s all about making a difference from conservation, giving the harvest to those in need, to growing the outdoor community through education.  To learn about how you can grow your outdoor passion, check out the Harteis Ranch Excursions here: